Friday, July 30, 2010

Inanimate Objects

Do you think that its possible for inanimate objects to feel things? Sure maybe not in the same sense that we as humans do, but we are all made of the same molecules, so why not? Just because something cannot speak or move does not mean that it cannot feel or express emotion. Objects can be far more expressive than we think, especially in the art world.
We usually don't empathize with lifeless objects, perhaps due to a lack of reciprocity. However, it seems I know exactly how a used battery, a run down car, or the countless broken household appliances we have ever thrown away, feels.


5 x 7 inches


  1. Thats a beautiful painting. Nice job in capturing the reflective surface of the lens, very believable. I really enjoy this!

  2. If inanimate objects have feelings, as artists, we can interpret that in our paintings. I feel objects have stories to tell and most of the times they have lived longer than the average person, they have lived through a lot more than we can imagine. Their scratches, dents, rust, and discoloration gives way to the toleration and pain that objects have experienced similar to us humans as we age. Interesting thought.

  3. Thanks Gabriela!

    Yes I definitely agree. You are totally right. It is interesting to think just how expressive objects can be.

    I think objects can express different things to different people. Each person imparts their own experiences into the object. Just like art, it can mean something to someone but something totally different to someone else. Meaning and Aesthetic become one, making the object truly expressive.