Monday, March 21, 2011

Scenes From a Sketchbook: Volume 3

Over the weekend I took a spontaneous trip to Alabama.
This is the story of my trip in quick sketches.

This guy stole my seat on the airplane ride there.
His punishment was getting drawn by me.

We went to this old bank that was built in the 1800's in downtown Decatur.
It had these awesome iron lamp posts which I couldn't resist drawing.

During some down time, my dad and I watched the movie Devil.
Here's a scribble of him laying on the floor.

On the wall of my dads apartment were these cool butterflies he got from Puerto Rico.

While waiting in the airport for my return flight,
I was fascinated with all the baggage carts zooming about.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On the shelf were three Math books, ten English books, five Art books and the rest... is History.

Looking back in retrospect, I never realized how much I really liked being in school. I remember anxiously awaiting the day school would end, with eager anticipation of what the next chapter of my life would be. However, now that it's over, while that curiosity still looms, I cant help but yearn to be back in school.

I think this is the same approach people take towards painting. We often think of painting as something separate than drawing. With this thinking its easy to stop drawing once we become painters but this should never be the case. We should never stop drawing, even if its just scribbles. At least I can take comfort in knowing that drawing is one school I will never graduate from.

Scribbles from my sketchbook.
People on the train.