Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Depth Relationships on a 2 Dimensional Surface

It governs everything around us.
It tells us how we see the world.
Even blind people have the ability to see it.
Since it can transcend the eye, everyone can see it differently.
It has a place in art as well as our conscience.
It weighs upon us.
It can shift and change.
It is a master of illusion.
It can be first, second, or third person, or any number of points.
As we grow older we gain more of it.
Sometimes we look to the past to gain a better view of it on our future.
It's the intangible manifestation of one's ideas.
It has laws, but all laws can broken.
But most importantly,
Without it the world as we know it would not exist.


Perspective is everywhere, it can even change when you put on a cool pair of sunglasses.
Antique Sunglasses
5 x 7 inches

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