Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You're Beautiful, I love how asymmetrical your face is.

How many times have you actually heard anyone use those words in a sentence? Unless you live in a vanity free world, I'm guessing never. If there is anything that the media machine has taught us, it's that perfection is beauty. Could you imagine your favorite actress with both of her eyes on one side of her head or having three ears instead of two? The sad truth is, the only place she would be starring, is in a sideshow at a carnival. Symmetry runs our physical world, from our ideals of beauty to our everyday dependence on things working the way they should. However, in the art world, it's quite the contrary, symmetry is boring. The first rule of composition 101 is to stick to odd numbers, and avoid equilibrium at all costs. It is one of an artist's most useful tools, and it is how some of the most beautiful and awe inspiring works of art are engineered. Asymmetrical compositions create tension, heighten drama and above all else, they're just interesting to look at.
It's fascinating to think that two polar opposite views on aesthetic can rule their respective worlds, yet coexist harmoniously. What if art really did imitate life or vice versa? How would our views on the world around us change? Would our society still be in a seemingly never ending endeavor to achieve perfection? Would cash and materialism still fuel the media machine?

"Asymmetry is Beautiful"

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